Half Year In Review

I’ve gotten so busy with my school work that I basically forgot to update any of my publication lists, even though they were coming in. 2015 has been a busy–but productive–year so far. Hopefully, this half-year in review will suffice for now!

As I mentioned before, my short story “Apollo and Greta” is forthcoming in the Tesseracts 19: Superhero Universe. I also have a poem entitled “The Chariot” coming out with Minor Arcana Press’s Tarot Poetry Anthology, edited by Marjorie Jensen. I’ll also have a guest blog for her soon.

My poem “The Fox” came out with The Steel Chisel’s March issue. David Emery, the editor of Steel Chisel, mentioned me during his Literary Landscapes tour on CKCU-FM, since I have another forthcoming project in the works with him. Weekly Poem ran another of my tarot poems, this one called “Lady Justice.”

My short story called “Carnival of Colours” was published in Third Flatiron’s Only Disconnect anthology, and features a character with synesthesia.

Read Vitality published a creative nonfiction essay I wrote about transgender identity and writing in their February issue. I also wrote (yet again) about trans identity and the new “truthiness” of Elliott DeLine’s Show Trans as a postmodern trans autobiography for Plenitude Magazine. I also have an article about queer romance culture and trans romance novels coming out with Hoax Zine later this year!

So far, that’s it! I’ve just written a bunch of flash pieces, though, so hopefully I’ll have some more things to add in the coming months. 🙂


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