Mythology: A Poetry Chapbook

Exciting news! I was lucky enough to work with David Emery for his upcoming poetry chapbook series at The Steel Chisel. (To see David’s chapbook, click here). I was in the March Issue of the online edition for my poem “The Fox“. That poem isn’t in this collection, but here’s a list of the ones which are:

Icarus’ Wife (The Spectator)
Clio (The Muse of History)
Icarus’ Wife (The Nationalist)
A Siren
My Persephone
Three Virgins
Living Together
Reading in Bed
Once a Month
The Year of Flowers and Houses
Closet Trap (Magda)
Red Dress (Magda II)
The Proverbial Potluck
On Looking at the Works of Remedios Varo
The Art of Tapestry
The Editor
Love Stories

Some of these poems have been published before (note the title track “Mythology” was the 1st place winner in Wax Poetry and Art Magazine’s Sixth Contest and “Transformations” was in Drawn To Marvel), but many haven’t and I’m really excited to see them find homes.

Back in April, Jessica Van de Kemp and I went to a poetry reading held for PhD students. It was a lot of fun to read from our favourites; I picked Phillip Larkin’s “This Be The Verse” to read, along with a couple from Amal El-Mohtar’s work, and Jessica read from “Daddy” by Plath and some sections of Whitman. Afterwards, she and I were talking about our own poetry and I asked how she got her own poetry chapbook Spirit Light published. She encouraged me to email David, and now I’m really glad I did.

When David and I began speaking about this project, I literally just sent him a bunch of poems (almost 50 pages, 10k worth) and told him he could use whatever he wanted, and that most were vaguely connected through “mythology”–be it retellings of myths (“Clio (The Muse of History”; The Icarus Series), ruminations on personal origin stories (“Mythology” The Magda Series), or the myth of the artist/poet/great thinker (“Transformations” “On Looking At The Works of Remedios Varo”).

Then, there are the poems about love. So many poems about love. I still tie this into mythology or the classics in some way, since two poems (“Living Together” and “Love Stories”) both mention The Symposium and Aristophanes satirical origin story. But there are also very sincere love poems in this collection, several of which are about past partners and my current one (“My Persephone”; “Once a Month” and “The Year of Flowers and Houses”). I suppose I really shouldn’t be so surprised that so many of them are about love. I *do* write romance under a different pen name. And much of the appeal in myths and their retellings is that it involves an audience there to read and interpret it. So it would make sense that the relationship between the author/audience could easily slip into a love story.


I’m really happy with how this has turned out so far, and I hope anyone else who picks it up is happy too.

Now onto find homes for the rest of what I have unpublished on my computer. 🙂


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