Two Appearances

This almost never happens, but I have two writing-related appearances scheduled for next week!

The first is the ChiSeries Reading at Sadlier House in Peterborough. I’ll be speaking on a panel with Fiona Patton and Kate Story about LGBT identity in speculative fiction. Awesome, right? The event is being organized by Derek Newman-Stille, who has done a lot of work in disability studies and LGBT identity in Canadian speculative fiction.

Both fiction authors (Patton and Story) stand far above me in terms of accomplishment, but I hope that my specialty in transgender storytelling will be able to even the scales in some way. I’m hoping I can read something from one of my latest stories still awaiting approval in a long line of queues called “Falling and Feedback” about a transgender man and a woman with synesthsia.

For more information on the event, here’s Peterborough Pride Brochure, and the Facebook Group. Image courtesy of Derek Newman-Stille.


The following day I’ll be participating in the Peterborough Artsweek event Write On The Street organized by Canadian author Janette Plantana. Janette and I went to the same grad school for our MAs, so attending this and seeing her again will be so much fun. Not to mention the really unique project she’s organized. Here’s what Write on The Street is about according to Janette:

WRITE ON THE STREET. Walk by the writer’s studio and see living writers from Peterborough and beyond as they write in the storefront window. Sign up for a one-to-one writing class, and find out when creative writing workshops will be offered. Watch for collaborations between makers of the work-of-art-in-language and artists working in other disciplines. Visit the WRITE ON THE STREET Facebook page, or visit your host on line at

So from 11:30-2:30pm on the 18th, I’ll be sitting in a storefront window writing publicly. I’m still not sure what I’m going to work on, but I know it’ll be related to transgender identity in some way. Of course! Here’s a brief sketch of what I anticipate doing:

THE BIG REVEAL: Evelyn Deshane’s project is both to reveal and be revealed. As a technique in transgender storytelling, “the big reveal” scene (think The Crying Game, Sleepaway Camp, etc), acts as a confession–but also a magic trick. As a writer-magician, Evelyn’s fiction focuses on the blurring lines of identity and knowability, twisting and playing with the notion of who we think we really are. Many of the characters are trans. Many don’t quite know it yet. All of them wrestle with their private thoughts which don’t always form their public selves. So of course, Evelyn will write in public…. as yet another big reveal. Evelyn can/will also help other writers, both cis and trans and anything in between, hone their own writing skills in relation to gender identity if they so wish!

So there we go! I basically plan on working on edits for my upcoming novella, writing poetry, or editing poetry until anyone stops by. Then maybe I can help edit someone else’s stuff, since mine gets boring if I do it for too long. 😉

A very busy week for me, someone who rarely leaves unless it’s for work. But hopefully it will be fun. Expect pictures soon.


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