Write On The Street + Chizine Reading (with lots and lots of photos!)

Hello again!

Two weeks ago now, I mentioned that I’d be making two appearances. One was at the Chizine reading in Peterborough along with Kate Story and Fiona Patton. The next appearance was at Write On The Street in Peterborough, organized by Janette Platana. Both events were so much fun–beyond what I expected.

I also got to hang out a lot with Derek Newman-Stille, of Speculating Canada, since he organized the Chizine reading. He also interviewed the following day, during his own timeslot for Write On The Street, where we had a long discussion about queer geographies, the topside test, and the future of trans characters in speculative fiction.

Thanks to Derek and Travis Morton, I have many, many photos of the adventures. The Chizine reading took place at Sadlier House, which I used to volunteer at when I was still at Trent. It was really nice to come back. I read a section from my sci-fi story “Falling and Feedback” which I’ll be submitting to Topside Press’s call for trans speculative fiction.



The next day, while Peterborough Pride was going on, I was able to sit in the storefront window and write for Write on The Street.




I really just want to say that I love Janette putting “Zombie Crossing” on my writing sign, since I was definitely editing a horror story while I was here. Then I was fixing all the typos I found in the story I had read from the night before!

My time in the window was from 11:30-2:30. A few people stopped by to talk about poetry, some asked for directions, and then there was a guy in a Spiderman Costume walking across the street. Fun times all around. I also have to mention that the bathroom in this place was terrifying. Walking down the stairs felt like entering a horror movie set, so again, the “Zombie Crossing” on my sign worked out really well.


After my slot was up, it was time for Kate Story to come in. And for Traivs, Derek, and I to get lunch until… Derek’s turn! Derek’s plan was to make art in the storefront window for a really great spec fic story, but before then, he let me stick around to talk fiction and writing for a while.



Thank you, Travis, for using a hipster filter on the last photo and making us both look super professional. The interview was great and so much fun. Definitely one of the best I’ve done since Derek’s questions are so through and thoughtful.

While Derek completed in artist-in-residency here, Travis and I were off for one final adventure of the weekend–my mom’s 60th birthday. It was lowkey, very relaxed, and here’s a final shot from our dinner at The Red Kitchen.


And that’s it! A busy, exhausting weekend that I’m still recovering from–but definitely worth it.