Short Stories

“Wax Names.” Lackington’s Fiction. June 2016.

“Apollo & Greta.” Tesseracts 19: Superhero Universe. Exile Publications. 2016.

The Institute.” Bad Apple Literary Zine. 2016.

“Carnival of Colours.” Only Disconnect Anthology. Third Flatiron Press. 2015.

  • Longlisted for the 2015 Canadian Sunburst Awards

“Baby Eyes.” The Grotesquerie. Mocha Memoirs Press. 2014.

“Our Names.” Iris New Fiction: A Magazine for LGBTQ+ Adults. 2014.

  • Reprinted in Off The Rocks, Volume 18. 2015.

“The Plague.” Postscript To Darkness. 2013.

The Dream Team.” A&U Magazine. 2013.

  • Runner-up for the Christopher Hewitt Literary Award.

“The Girl.” Wilde Magazine. 2013.

The Collectors.” Black Treacle. 2013.

The Sea.” The Fieldstone Review. 2013.



Flash Fiction (>1,000)

“The Cryptographer’s Body.” The Future Fire. December 2016.

“Dead Names.” Dirty Chai Fiction. Fall 2015.

“The Ghost of Lew Welch.” Journal of Micro-literature. 2014.

“The Blind Man Who Could See.” Human Echoes Podcast. 2014.

  • Monthly Contest Winner
  • Podcasted and printed on the website.

“Coming Out.” Vine Leaves Literary Journal. 2014.

Necessary Evil.” 2014.

The Orchard.” Every Day Fiction. 2014.

“Snake Eyes.” 2013.

A Mirage.” Pure Slush: Water. 2013.

“Dark Blue.” In My Bed Magazine. 2010.




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