Regular Contributor, Hoax Zine (2013-2018)

Essays include: Poetry of Hoarding, Utopia as Strategy, Self-Publishing and the Art of Asking, The Myth of the Transgender Killer, Pedagogy of “Safe Spaces”

Regular Contributor, In Media Res: A Media Commons Project (2014-Present)

Posts Include: Social Media in Academia, Trans People and Bisexuality in Comics, Transgender Victim/Criminal in True Crime, Academic Integrity in a Post-Truth Age, Queer Romance, Trans Before/After Images, Fanfiction and Cosplay as Pedagogy


“Youthful Rebellion: A Toronto Tour.” Out In San Antonio. Fall 2017. Print.

“How Conventional Beauty Standards Hurt Trans People.” The Establishment. April 2017. Online.

“10 Trans and Nonbinary Writers To Watch.” It Equals. April 2017. Online.

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Trans People.” It Equals. March 2017. Online.

Memoir in the age of Post-Truth.” The Puritan Town Crier. March 2017. Online.

“No More Magical Transformations: Trans Characters in Comics.” Vex Mosaic Magazine. March 2017. Online.

“Signs, Saints, and Symbols: Transgender Children in Media.” Bitch Magazine. September 2016. Print.

“Getting The Look: An Autoethnography of Gender Identity and Eating Disorders.” Briarpatch Magazine. July 2016.

“Wish You Were Here: Gender Identity, Fanfiction, and Music.” Trans Quarterly Review. June 2016.

Happily for Now: The Future of Trans Romance.Guts Magazine. May 2016. Online.

Romance Without Romance.Mask Magazine. February 2016. Online.

Refocusing The Camera Lens.Briarpatch Magazine. January 2016. Print.

“‘This Is My Voice’: Transgender Autobiography and YouTube.” The Atlantic. October 2014. Online.

“Re-Humanizing Art: Skylar Kergil and The New Autobiography.” Arthur Newspaper. March 2013. Print.

“Transmedia Storytelling: Elliott DeLine and Beyond.” Don’t Panic. Trent University Graduate Publication. March 2013. Online.



“Get It? A Review of Subject to Change by H. Melt.” Plenitude Magazine. January 2018. Online.

“New Myths: A Review of Rose & Poe.” The Rusty Toque. Fall 2017. Online.

“The Technology of Grief: A Review of Joey Comeau’s Malagash.” Strange Horizons. November 2017. Online.

“Third Places: A Review of Kay Gabriel’s Elegy Department Spring.” Plenitude Magazine. November 2017.

“What if? A Review of Meanwhile, Elsewhere.” Plenitude Magazine. August 2017.

“Beyond Bravery: A Review of Beyond Trans.” Plenitude Magazine. July 2017.

“The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittal.” The Rusty Toque. June 2017.

“Coming Out of the Dark Ages: A Review of “You’re In The Wrong Bathroom!”: And 20 other Myths or Misconceptions about Transgender and Gender Non-conforming People by Laura Erickson-Schroth and Laura A. Jacobs.” Out In San Antonio. Summer 2017. Print.

“Taking up Space: A Review of Erin Wunker’s Notes from a Feminist Killjoy.” The May 2017. Online.

“Between the World and Poetry: A Review of Kai Cheng Thom’s A Place Called no homeland.” Plenitude Magazine. April 2017. Online.

“A New Tool-Kit: A Review of Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life.” The March 2017. Online.

“Magic Words: A Review of Tranny by Laura Jane Grace.” Plenitude Magazine. March 2017.  Online.

“Poetry, Repent!: A Review of Cat Fitzpatrick’s Glamourpuss.” Plenitude Magazine. January 2017. Online.

A Mother’s Voice: Review of Janette Plantana’s A Token of My Affliction.The Rusty Toque. October 2015. Online.

“Elliott DeLine’s Show Trans and The New Truth of Transgender Memoirs.” Plenitude Magazine. January 2015. Online.

“A Life Divided: PK Page’s Mexican Journal Review.” The Rusty Toque. Spring 2014. Online.

“The Smart Nostalgia of I Know Very Well How I Got My Name.” Prosaic {Re}. Fall 2013. Print.





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