Mythology. The Steel Chisel. July 2015.


Poetry Publications 

“The Astronomer’s Wife.” Polu Texni. January 2017.

“Jacob’s Ladder.” Strange Horizons. December 2016.

  • Podcast of poem here.

“Artemis & Orion.” Eternal Haunted Summer. December 2016.

“After the Forest Fires.” Liminality Magazine. September 2016.

“Adam & Me.” Image Out Anthology.

“Teaching English as A Second Language.” “Frida and Diego.” The Chaotic Review. Spring 2016.

“A church window, priest, and divination.” Liminality Magazine. 2016.

“Something like a Body.” Star*Line. January 2016.

“I am not Buffalo Bill.” Strange Horizons. April 2016.

  • Podcast of poem here.

Quicksilver Voices (Modern Day Daedalus.” Eye To The Telescope. Winter 2016.

  • Nominated for Best of The Net
  • Nominated for The Pushcart Prize

“Gendered Alchemy.” “Origin Story.” Vitality Magazine. Winter 2016.

“Four Elements of Woman.” Kind of Hurricane Press: Elements Issue. 2016.

“Dream of Birth Names.” Trans Quarterly Review. June 2016.

“No Man’s Future.” Wax Poetry and Art Magazine. 2015.

  • Seventh place in Poetry Contest #10.

“Reincarnation.” Image Out Anthology. 2015.

Interior Design.” Eternal Haunted Summer. December Solstice 2015.

At Stake.” Eternal Haunted Summer. Autumn Equinox 2015.

Sometimes like Blood.” Grievous Angel. November 2015.

“The Chariot.” Tarot Poetry. Ed. Marjorie Jensen.

Living Together.” Gay Flash Fiction.

Mythology.“ Wax Poetry and Art Magazine.

  • First place winner in Poetry Contest #6.

Friday Nights and Mornings.” Walking Is Still Honest.

Frank and Gavin.” “Trans-Atlantic.” “The Fortune Teller’s Muse.” Hyacinth Noir.

”My Persephone.” Skin to Skin Magazine.

“Collapsing The Triangle.” In My Bed Magazine.

“Living Together.” Prosaic Magazine.

“Love Stories.” ImageOut: I Do?! Anthology.

The Year of Flowers and Houses” and “Icarus’ Wife (The Spectator).” Kumquat Poetry.

The Proverbial Potluck.” The Traveling Poet.

“On Lunch Hour at a Thrift Store.” Hemingway’s Playpen.

Once a Month.” The Fat City Review.

The Tarot Card Deck.“ Eternal Haunted Summer.

“Life on the Ninth Ward.” Girls Get Busy Zine.

“Icarus’ Wife (The Nationalist).” “Village Villanelle.” Dead Snakes Online Magazine.

“Transformations.” Drawn To Marvel Anthology. Minor Arcana Press.

“Clio (The Muse of History).” “Night of Hecate.” Cross Quarterly: Winter.

“Three Virgins.” Miracle E-Zine: The Joker. February 2014.

“A Siren.” Cross Quarterly: Spring 2013.

“Fragile.” Cross Quarterly: Summer 2013.



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