Interview with Derek Newman-Stille on Speculating Canada.

The Hue Questionnaire from Pure Slush for the flash piece, “A Mirage.”

Why Write Horror? for Women in Horror Month by Selah Janel, advertising The Grotesquerie Release and the short story “Baby Eyes.”



Special Mention for “Baby Eyes” in The Grotesquerie by Hell Notes:

A few standouts include Lisamarie Lamb’s Devil’s Cake, a delicious tale about adultery; Marianne Halbert’s Papa’s Wrench and the Wind Chime, a personal favorite in the bunch that centers around a young girl and odd and ever-growing family; Nicole DeGennaro’s The River, a thoughtful piece about a friend’s passing and the burden that follows; Evelyn Deshane’s Baby Eyes, a short-but-sweet story about a little girl who has legitimate questions for her parents after losing her baby teeth; and Kierce Sevren’s Beyond the Torii, a tale about one mother’s desperation to save her daughter.


Drawn to Marvel received a wonderful review by Fantasy Literature. Though not mentioned specifically in the review, my poem, “Transformations” was in this volume.

Another good review for Drawn To Marvel.



Essay linked to on for a feature on the True Stories issue of Bright Wall/Dark Room.

Appeared on Quill & Quire when they covered the 2016 Sunburst Award nominees.

Quoted in The Advocate for Elliott DeLine’s book Show Trans.



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