#Trans is a creative nonfiction anthology I worked on in 2016 and which was released in March 2017. I was the head editor and employed others to help work on the project as well, using only two cis people in the production process (the cover designer and one contract proofreader). The twenty writers included in the anthology were all trans and nonbinary; two of the proofreaders were also trans-identified as well. In the end, I decided to self-publish the work so that the writers could be paid and that we had more freedom with how we wanted to handle reprints and other rights.

From the Tumblr site’s Blurb:

#Trans is an essay collection featuring the works of twenty transgender and nonbinary writers as they share their experiences with online communities, video games, and dating apps–among other technologies. Each author’s experience of their identity breaks away from the typical transgender narrative that is predominantly hung up on surgery and medical intervention. While that aspect is still a part of the story for some of these writers, surgery has never been the sole inspiration which pushes these writers forward.

Whether it was the love of a particular movie, the desire to share a feeling on social media, or a song they couldn’t get out of their heads, these twenty writers’ experiences of their identity have been shaped by media, technology, and the internet. And now, #Trans is ready to share with all of you.

Authors include YouTuber Skylar Kergil, academic Evelyn Deshane, Latinx writer Ariel Estrella, micro-memoirist Erika D. Price, anthropologist Harlow Figa, poet mud howard, LGBTQ romance author J.K. Pendragon, and many more.

E-Book Available from Amazon & Smashwords.

Print Available on March 31st 2017.


More information on the book is available here on the Tumblr site, including contributor interviews, bios, sample essays, and other buy/purchase links.

Any questions about the anthology, feel free to contact hashtagtransanthology (at) gmail.com.